Wednesday, August 30, 2017

day 20- learning to accespt,

I look back think back, replay conversations, issues. Look I felt he was a good fit for me. he always had a  block on that regarding myself. End of the day there is nothing I could have done to change that. The best person I know how to be is me. And if someone  can't love that, that's fine. I can love me enough for everyone, or maybe God-willing, someone out there will love me the way I am and see me as a good fit for them.

What hurts about that is you wish someone had been honest 100% and not strung u along as they figured that out clearly and in turn wasted my time and emotions to feed their temporary needs , whateva those were.

But life will go on. One day this will be another blurry memory. It sucks all the same.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 19

Next relationship will be my last. It shall find me and not end.


1. Ask all questions initially
2. Don't give too much
3. State my expectations... STABILITY
5. Don't tell anyone until 3 months in.
6. Don't meet Shami until I'm sure of intent.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Day 18 .. inner low

IDK why I just feel low today. I don't even know why. Cant put my finger on it. I just want to go home and sleep in my walls. I think in replaying things and evaluating my past (recent) I realize I was powerless. Its almost like my fate was predetermined before I even lived it. You give so much of yourself thinking its the thing to do. It actually isn't. If you're doomed to be a side chic, a plaything, a time pusher, nothing you do will change that. A person will never shift their value or plan for you just because you're "mad cool".

I realize how much I hated being called "my friend". how i hated hearing statements like "we're cool". "we're hanging out". like I was one of the boys. why couldn't you call me "girlfriend?" , "my woman". why was I not present anywhere in your online life. that shit hurts. I was a hidden secret, like someone wasn't proud of what they were doing with me, like I didn't fit into their vision of a partner, so they couldn't display me. THAT is what's eating me. I was just never going to be on the "level" to be accepted. I didn't ask for any of that. I was just doing my life and someone walks into my path to rip my self confidence apart. why? I remember a time I used to pray thanking God cos  I believed that was the love I wanted from another. no it wasn't.

then you realize after 4 years you weren't shit still.

that's what is stabbing me deep down now. that realization. and aint shit I can do about it. Life got me already.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day 12

This week hasnt been good.
Im just angry. At everything. This muthafucker knew he had no plans to ever have a plan.  Took advantage of my love and used it to keep himself satisfied.  it was selfish and unfair. Did i not look like i deserved the next level??
All so fucked up.
Yes im partially to blame.  Why did i keep allowing it?
Cos i hoped one day he'd see more than the now with me.
Love aint shit!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Day 11... it hit me emotionally

Week's goals:
Dont deny feelings
No snap / IG
Contain temper

I feel sad!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

day 6- so many emotions

Why do I feel bad? Why do I even care? I ACTUALLY wonder if he gets why I walked away? that it wasn't an instant decision. That hearing "I'm not ready" conversation after conversation every few months left me with nothing to fight for. What he got to know of me after 4 years was never changing. I had shown all sides of me.

He was never going to be ready. I could have came on a silver platter- he was NEVER going to want to give me more than "now". When I think of that my heart sinks. I feel regret. I question life, I question myself. Was I stupid for keeping a hope alive? who knows.

All I know is the answer was just never changing. I do not ever want to know about his future relationships either. I gave way too much to him.

all I pray for now Is that definitive relationship finally. A relationship where one day I can:
post pics of us anywhere
can all a man my boyfriend with confidence
can attend functions with my man hand in hand
make real asset moves together
to have financial support from him
to never question if he will be there tomorrow even if we fight
to get to know his parents, and have them show my child love
if he has kids to meet the baby's mother and have  a cordial relationship
***To know and trust the love he has****

to never feel like a 3rd wheel!!!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

The last goodbye... day 4

4 years later. Not much changed.

Sad day.  Filled with regret.

Can't change the past though. Im a person who when i allow people in I like to believe they are right for  me.

I probably need to start setting expectations clear from the jump.

Breaking up isn't easy, especially if you operated on a real hope for that happy ending, but have to accept its just not there. 

Id have never known. 

I can't deal with rudo and her negative cynicism right now. I don't think i ever flaunted any relationship to her. The fault has  always been within me of talking too much.

Ive learnt to cut back on disclosing personal info. Pple dont really want to know. Also not all that feels good on the surface is necessarily good. I had hope
I believed in signs and all that.  Its whateva now.